President's Message

Welcome friends,

     It is indeed my privilege to welcome you to pursue your education with us. I believe that transformation of India from a Developing Nation to a developed nation can only be knowledge driven. I am confident that you will find a pathway to a bright future in a chosen career or profession.

     Al ameen Educational and Medical Foundations is a group of various multi faculty institutes from Pre-Primary to Post-Graduate, setting academic and professional excellence. The society has taken all efforts to provide the very best in learning facilities and academic standards. We have strived to provide a conductive environment to give you the perfect mind-set to be able to pursue your studies in comfort. Further, for any constructive activity that you wish to take up in connection with your training process, you will find the management fully co-operative and encouraging.

     We continue to venture into making high grade institutions of quality. I do hope you are admitted to the branch of study that you wish to opt for and go on to achieving your ambitions in life.

Wishing you every success.
Welcome all of you to AAEMF Group of Institutions!

Mr. Nasir M.Shaikh,
Al ameen Educational and Medical Foundations.